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A few days ago, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area in Asia more than 20 Industrial Park race wins, attracted the largest European printed circuit board manufacturers ( Austria Austria s technology and system technology limited company ) group, settled in Liangjiang New Area fish complex industrial park.

Austria ambassador to China Sajdik, mayor Huang Qifan, municipal Party committee member, Liangjiang New Area Committee Director Weng Jieming attended yesterday's signing ceremony.

& s plan to invest 620000000 dollar, high-end production of printed circuit board. This project is Austria 's largest industry in China investment project is put into production, a period of up to 3000000000 Yuan in output value, solve the employment of 4000 people.

Huang Qifan said at the signing ceremony, Liangjiang New Area is now strive to create "one hundred billion electronic city ", plan including the formation of semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing, R & D and manufacturing of electronic information, intelligent home appliances, automotive electronics and other industries, electronic information industry chain, industry scale of billions of. The success of this project settle, the Liangjiang New Area Industrial Development Zone forming a complete electronic information industry chain, build " hundred billion electronic city " has the important meaning, on the Chongqing electronic information industry upgrading and integration will play a positive role in promoting.

Huang Qifan said, at present, with the world's second largest personal computer brands such as Acer Co and large manufacturing enterprises settled in Liangjiang New Area bonded port area, Liangjiang New Area is becoming the important Chongqing notebook computer industry gathering; while the Liangjiang New Area of "hundreds of billions of Auto City " has begun to take shape, has been the introduction of investment of 35000000000 yuan, output value of 140000000000 yuan of Changan fish mouth car project. As mobile phone, palm computer, car to provide high-end printed circuit board s project in, will further play to radiation build-up effect, attract more downstream and relevant industry in.

& S Group CEO Ge Simai said, Ge Simai said, at present, & S Group in Europe, India, the Americas and Shanghai a total of 6 factories. With the global intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer high speed growth, as well as from high-end automotive electronics and notebook computer new demand, & s thought must expand HDI production capacity, and using the latest technology, to satisfy market demand. "From the end of last year, our project team in Asia examines more than 20 industrial park. " Ge in 2011 January, said, " I and group member of the board of directors came to Chongqing, and the city left a deep impression ... ... We are in a very short period of time made the choice. " Chongqing choices include: abundant resource of talent of high administrative levels, complete and enormous information industry chain and Liangjiang New Area Development Zone potential. Thus, Otis global seventh factory in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area in.

In Liangjiang New Area, be in fish s Complex Industrial Park expropriation of land of about 180 acres, an investment of $297000000 to build a production base, the project is expected to completed two years, production value will reach 3000000000 yuan. The main base for the production of mobile phone, palm computer and other portable electronic products and automotive need high technology printed circuit board.

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