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The next 5 years the global PCB market ....

According to the analysis of Prismark, the 2011 global electronic products for $1597000000000, a growth rate of 9.5%. Wherein, computer, communication and consumer electronics accounted for 2/3 market. In 2012 the global electronic product output growth rate gently pick up, in 2016 the global electronic product production value will reach 2099000000000 dollar. From 2011 to 2016 compound average annual growth rate of 5.6%, which was predictive of future PCB market development trend of the key conclusions. Prismark predicted 2012 of global semiconductor growth rate of 4.7%, the global PCB growth rate of 6.5%. That is to say, the 2012 global PCB value will reach 58995000000 U.S. dollars, to continue a new business cycle. In 2012 the communication field using PCB growth rate, reaching 9.5%.

China's Taiwan Printed Circuit Association released in March annual plan, TPCA director Chen Zhengxiong said, in 2011 China's Taiwan PCB industry output value and yield ( included in the mainland production ) has overtaken Japan, become the first in the world. According to estimation, global PCB industry in 2012 the output value of up to 6.5% per year, the main growth momentum is intelligent mobile phone, computer, cloud field. Because these areas are Taiwanese are good at, so Taiwan GDP growth is expected to PCB more than the global average.

IEK ITRI IEK analyst Jiang Baifeng said, in the global economy to recovery, stable exchange rate trend, Taiwan PCB industry benefited from this, extremely flat computer, intelligent mobile phone development, coupled with the future high-speed operation and thinned trend forecast in 2012, Taiwan cross-strait PCB output will grow up.

In the long run, the next 5 years the global PCB market will continue to grow.

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