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In 2012 the global PCB industry grows .....

In 1, the scale of industry

In recent years, with the continuous development of the downstream industry, global PCB industry grows steadily; but in 2009 the impact of the global financial crisis, including the PCB global electronic sub-sector output have different levels to fall. According to Prismark, the 2009 global PCB industry total production value is 41200000000 dollar, relatively on year reduce 14.76%, a record since 2001 the largest decline. In 2010, as the global economy whole to good, the PCB industry to anabiosis in the round, back up the track, annual production value amounted to 51000000000 dollar, relatively rose sharply in 2009 23.79%. Prismark predicts, 2011 to 2015 period of global PCB will keep 6.5% of the rate of steady growth, the 2015 global PCB industry is expected to reach US $69800000000. Over the past ten years, the global PCB volume rapid growth, at the same time as the production process and technical level of continuous improvement, PCB sales prices dropped significantly. From 2000 to 2009, PCB shipping area from 194000000 square metres to 260000000 square meters of growth, growth of 34% over the same period; PCB sales price from $211 / square meters high dropped to 156 U.S. dollars / sq m, fall 26.1%.

2, product category

Prismark is to PCB industry's future development prospects, mainly due to PCB as an important electronic components and electronic market, will be the realization of coordinated development. From ninety years since the last century industry growth situation, nearly twenty years of PCB industry experienced two times larger trade fluctuations, 2009 industry enter trough, 2010 Global PCB industry will once again enter a new cycle.

From the above types of printed circuit board product development extent, ordinary single panel and a double-sided board in the autumn of life cycle, because the PCB production technology development and product cost and other factors, single and double panels of the scale of market demand in the future will be a longer period of time continue to maintain a stable; general multilayer board at maturity stage, along with the electronic product performance is enhanced, the market demand will continue to increase; high frequency board, HDI plate is in the stage of rapid growth, product technology is gradually mature, the market demand will increase significantly; aluminum substrate, photoelectric board, chip packaging products such as plate is in the import market, the future development of a larger space.

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